Is the burning of a candle a chemical or physical change explain with reasons

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and burning. Studying a candle flame This is an exercise in observation and deduction. It is best done in pairs so that the experimenters can discuss their ideas but still can get close to the candle. Ask students to look first at the candle before it is lit, then as a flame is applied to the top of the wick to light it and
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Food affects both our physical and mental health. Depression is very common in our society for a variety of reasons. It is sometimes a secondary condition associated with people who have chronic health conditions or disabilities and face unique problems and challenges which may place them at increased risk.
Chemical Warfare agents •A chemical used in warfare is called a chemical warfare agent (CWA). •These agents may be in liquid, gas or solid form. Liquid agents are generally designed to evaporate quickly; such liquids are said to be volatile or have a high vapour pressure. •In July 1917, the Germans employed mustard gas. Here are the top five reasons why it needs to stop: 1. It’s unethical. It’s unethical to sentence 100 million thinking, feeling animals to life in a laboratory cage and intentionally cause them pain, loneliness, and fear.
Vaginal douching is when a woman washes or flushes the vagina with water, vinegar, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, or iodine. ACOG does not recommend vaginal douching. Vaginal douching in some women can lead to an infection, and spread of infections. Vaginal douching may increase the risk of getting STDs and bacterial vaginosis. Click to learn why doctors don't recommend vaginal douching ... The relationship between the change in the internal energy of the system during a chemical reaction and the enthalpy of reaction can be summarized as follows. 1. The heat given off or absorbed when a reaction is run at constant volume is equal to the change in the internal energy of the system. E sys = q v. 2.
Mar 20, 2015 · When your heart is broken, it can feel like the end of the world. No amount of pain has ever felt so agonizing or concentrated. It's like a giant hole was pummeled into your chest, with no hope of ... Dec 30, 2017 · Burning of candle: While melting of wax is a physical change, as the state of the substance changes from solid to liquid, burning of wax is a chemical change, as after consuming energy from wax, light lits up. Cooking of food: Cooking of raw vegetables or grains is a chemical change and transformation of water into steam is a physical change.
Dec 12, 2014 · George Monbiot: Not only does nutrient-rich whale poo help reverse the effects of climate change – it’s a remarkable example that nothing in the natural world occurs in isolation a candle matches. Make a coil of wire with either thick copper or thick aluminium wire. Hold the cold wire coil over a burning candle for a short time. The candle should go out. The fire is extinguished because the coil of wire conducts heat away from the flame so fast that the temperature below the ignition temperature. We can use chemical reactions and heat to change materials and their properties to meet our needs. Some changes are PERMANENT, others are REVERSIBLE. A good glue is a substance that starts as a liquid, but transforms into a solid when exposed to air. As a liquid, the glue can flow into every nook ...
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